Insulation Evaluation - Testing for Weak Spots | Waynesboro, VA | Harrisonburg, VA
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Insulation can make a big difference

Imagine if your roof were missing every fifth shingle - would you really say it protects your home? Insulation isn't any different! You can have all the R-value in the world, but as long as there are open spaces or breaks in the insulation, your home won't be optimally energy efficient.


Our testing crews will go over your home from the basement to the attic finding weak spots in the insulation - from there you can decide how to proceed.

 • Home energy testing

 • Insulation thickness

 • Insulation coverage

 • Open spaces

 • Damaged insulation

Measures to conserve energy

On the path to energy efficiency

Once you know where the drafty spots are, you'll have plenty of options to shore them up and get your home on the path to being truly energy efficient.

Detecting and stopping heat from seeping out - and cold air getting in - is our first priority in inspecting your home. You can count on our experienced and helpful staff to answer all your questions.

Plugging the seeping leaks

The right insulation will keep the cool or warm air inside where it needs to stay rather than leaking out. The result can mean big savings on your energy bill!



Insulation testing helps to locate those costly drafty cracks throughout your home. Fill them in for better climate control!

Stop trying to cool the whole neighborhood every summer and give your A/C a break!